Friday, January 24, 2014

week of updates: Talmage

Talmage is now binky-free, as you already know from last week's posts. His vocabulary surprises me...he is very articulate with his words and gets things across in a really funny manner sometimes. He's loving Primary- especially his new little friend Connor. Those two should not be allowed to sit next to one another (in Sacrament OR Primary) because they talk and squeal and touch tongues (no lie) and pick each other's noses and laugh hysterically together... Connor is the real wild card and Talmage just does whatever he does. But oh my gosh. Connor is a riot. I don't know how his mom doesn't pass out from laughing every day. Talmage (like most Sunbeams) has a hard time staying still during Sharing Time and listening to his teachers. Since I sit behind his class just a few rows, he's constantly coming to me and wanting to sit in my lap. But he's learning, I think. He has two amazing teachers- one older lady who is soooo patient, and the other is younger and super fun. She probably laughs at everything that he & Connor say.

*a note on Primary: Every month in Primary the kids are asked to learn a Primary song. The songs are all on their own special cd that they take home and listen to. I've been having him listen to the song, and he seemed to know a few lines. Well last Sunday the leaders asked the kids who knew it to give their "Primary Idol performance" and he marched straight up there. I was like, "Um..he is not going to remember the song" and Jonathan and I tried to contain our chuckles. Well, the song starts and he goes into complete freeze mode: mouth open, eyes wide. He forgot all the words. We start motioning for him to go sit back down with his class (who were ALL sitting down...the only "performers" were older kids) SO what does he do? Starts yelling out gobble-dy gook nonsense over the kids who are singing. So, yep, he gave a performance that made the leaders have red faces and looks of shock/disbelief. So embarrassing...(and to top it off, when we picked up Charlotte from nursery later that day on of her leaders said she was a wild one. I was thinking; 'If only you knew where she gets it from.' HA.)

His favorite things these days: play with his Jake Pirate ship, draw/paint, BATMAN, climb and jump off of everything pretending he is Batman, legos (like all the time, every day), cars & trucks, and watching morning cartoons. 

 Man, those legos...lemme tell ya. Best invention ever. He LOVES playing with "way-go's" as he sometimes calls them...he and daddy have special lego time together and shut themselves in his room for hours. :) I quite like it, because it means that Charlotte and I get to have girly time.

He also loves these fun little toys called Imaginext. I had never heard of them until he got a few for Christmas- and those things are awesome! Well-built toys and great for imaginative play. Sometimes he gets overwhelmed with his legos so the imaginext toys are perfect for his level. Plus- they roll, they shoot stuff, they come in all sorts of boyish themes, and they're cheaper than legos.

Of course, he's got a Batman one. He insisted I take a picture of it, and then of Batman's spaceship. What a goof :)

Thank heavens he takes naps again. For the first week he was binky-less, he couldn't calm himself down for nap. But now he is back to it, and I am SO grateful.

He loves it when I make "smoo-dees"of any kind. He even likes green smoothies and I'm soon going to try them with kale. Since he only eats a few select veggies, this method is a huge help. When he's not scarfing down a "smoo-dee", he is always eating something or another. The kid is a bottomless pit. I don't know he eats so much and still has a tiny, narrow waist. Oh to be a toddler...

Talmage also now sleeps in a big boy bed. Sometimes I wish it was my bed because it's so fun :) It's like a bunk bed with a play area underneath instead of a bottom mattress. The top has a canopy tent over it so you can't tell when his bed isn't made (big bonus!). He has lots of fun on it, so I'm glad we finally made the change :)

All of his favorite animals: Doggy, Binky Panda, Spot. Grizzly, and Oo-oo!

Watching the school bus out his window. A favorite past-time. 

It's been a long time since I took him to the doctor, so I don't know where he is for height and weight, but like I said he has a very narrow waist. Size 4t fits lengthwise but feels a bit wide. He's just skinny :) Oh well.

A few other things. Besides being obsessed with Batman, he also loves Spiderman, Ninjago, and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. He still loves to snuggle. And since Saturday, he hasn't asked for a binky ONCE :) He's super sweet and fun, but I'm not gonna lie...boy drives me absolutely bonkers most some days. We've started to potty train him through the night. So far so good. I think he's ready this time. No more diapers for this boy! (fingers crossed)

I'm still figuring out ways to diffuse his energy...or rather, project it onto something good to avoid a result of destruction or bad behavior. He really does have good intentions, but he gets a little too wound up sometimes (like all toddlers). One of these things is asking him to read to Charlotte or teach her how to do something. He gets very excited to be the big brother and feel in charge.

We love our little Talmage! He cannot wait to turn 4 soon (or as he puts it, "to be four again." Did he have another life that I'm not aware of?). My days are never dull with this kid, and he makes me laugh every day- repeatedly. :)

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