Monday, January 13, 2014

"Binky-Be-Gone" intro

Most of you know that Talmage still has binkies. Since the day he was born, that thing has been in his mouth. To him, it is a part of who he is. Another body part. His biggest go-to comfort, even more than me. For a while he even nickmamed it "boopi" (I'm still not sure what that was all about). In April he will turn four, and I finally put my foot down and decided that by his birthday two things were going to happen.

1. He will be binky-free.
2. He will be fully potty-trained.

The potty training thing I am NOT looking forward to...he still wears diapers at night, and even though I cut off drinks after dinner he wakes up every morning with a very full, very wet diaper. 

However, the binky. I think I found something that will work. And hopefully, be really fun for him as well! My sister-in-law has told me a couple of times of her friend that tried a most unusual and awesome method in getting her son to give up the binky. I finally read all about it on her personal blog and knew that we needed to do this. Not only for Talmage, but for me. As creepy/weird/strange as it sounds, I am a bit attached to the binky also. It takes me back to the nights where I rocked him to sleep, and that little piece of plastic moved up and down in his mouth ever so sweetly. And to the times that he was sad or sick or hurt, and all I had to do was plug in the binky to become the magical mom that cured everything. It has always assured me that he is still my baby boy- that he still needed comforts. But, the time has come for both of us to move on. I fear some days that it's detrimental- affecting his speech and mannerisms among a few other things.

For the last week, he has not had the binky ONCE because I took them all and hid them in a high place. And he's done amazingly well. But, for the last week he has stopped taking naps. He doesn't fall asleep easily and he asks me repeatedly if his binky is lost. I tell him that he doesn't need them anymore because he is older and bigger, but that answer doesn't seem to satisfy him. I realized a few days ago that what he needs is closure. I wish it was as easy as taking it away, but he needs to really understand where his binkies have gone and why. Right now he feels tortured...hopefully by the end of this week he will feel respected.

So after I read about "the Great Binky-Give-Up", I formulated my own five-day plan. The thing I love about it most is that I am not the bad guy- instead, I'm letting Talmage make his own decisions about how to let go of his precious binkies.

For the last few days I've had chats about it with T. I think he's finally mentally & emotionally prepared for what's about to happen. I got it started today when we walked to the mail box, and slipped this letter in so he could then take it out. Addressed to him from the Binky Fairy ;)

There was a note and a bunch of glittery stickers. He was in awe of it.

The real fun starts tomorrow. I can hardly wait!

And just because she's cute, here is Charlotte!! She is one funny little babe.


Westensee Family said...

You go girl!! B actually "let go " easier than I thought. It was 3 solid days of crying for it, not napping, and long fights at bedtime. I finally just sat her down and said how it's hurting her teeth and how much I love to see her smile and I can't with her Paci in the way. She caught on quickly and does really well even with Parker having them. I'm ready to start the fight with Parker too. Agh. The dreaded but beloved Paci.

Layla said...

Good luck! I am so excited to hear how it all goes down.

Mark & Rachel said...

So, what we did with David and potty training was the usual cut off drinks/go to the bathroom before bed. BUT, then I would take him to the bathroom about midnight. Even if he didn't go, he got in the habit/knew he wouldn't get in trouble/etc. It took a couple days for it to fully click, but then that was it. Occasionally he will have an accident (every couple of months). I think accidents are normal while they are still little. Good luck!

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