Monday, January 27, 2014

week of updates: Jonathan & Lindsey

I meant to get this up last week but alas, time slipped away from me :)

Since I updated about the two kiddos, here's a brief summary of what's what with Jonathan and I these days. I'll just tell you right now- it's not that exciting. I do love my life but I understand that the things that interest me are not so interesting to everyone else. If you want to know anyway, read on! ;)

Jonathan still loves his job. His groups changed for the quarter so now he's doing fitness, dog shelter, pottery, pain management, team-building, volleyball, leisure transition, circuit training, leisure education, and billiards. He seriously has so much fun doing what he does. Last Friday he had another ATRA Conference (Pacific Northwest American Therapeutic Recreation Association). He got to hang out with his co-workers and go to various workshops. Besides work, he's brewing up some other projects to work on. Now that we have a garage he finally has a space for his tools and building materials and he is itching to get stuff done. Let me also note that the garage is quite handy. It hides things- aka, keeps them away from the kids. We have all our camping gear, holiday decorations, extra freezer, craft supplies, laundry machines, and extra storage crammed in there. Charlotte's big birthday surprise is also hiding in the cement abyss, covered up. I feel so secretive :)

Back to Jonathan. He's great :) That man puts up with a lot from the kids and I, and he works so hard to keep us happy and secure. He goes along with my ideas even if they're dumb. He sets an example of righteous living, too, which I appreciate. Sometimes I wanna give in a little, and he gently nudges me back in place. He is a stand out guy! And I love that he is mine :)

Not much is new with me. Probably the biggest thing is that I recently switched our whole family over to almond milk- no more cow's milk for us! Of course, we still eat cheese and ice-cream and other dairy things...but no more drinking it straight and using it for cooking. This all started a few months ago when a friend posted a link about the harmful effects of cow milk. After reading it I was shocked but couldn't imagine swearing it off forever. And then for last few weeks, it kept nudging me again and again. I googled "why dairy milk is bad for you" and a million articles came up. Then I looked it up in three of my health books on my bookshelf (I should probably read those sometime...) and yep, sure enough- dairy is basically the devil (pardon my bluntness). As I found more research, I was appalled that I had been drinking it my whole life. I NEVER thought I would give it up, but now I don't see how I couldn't!

The transition from cow's milk to almond milk has been the easiest major health change in my life.  We get the unsweetened, organic kind. I prefer the vanilla. Not only does it taste way better but I use it for everything that I'd use dairy milk in (same measurements, too) and so far cannot tell a difference. It is about twice as expensive, but the health benefits far outweigh the few extra bucks each month. I really love soymilk, too, but it's more of a treat for me since I like to get the sweetened chocolate and vanilla kinds. It's also a bit heavier and more bitter tasting unsweetened, so we get the almond for everyday drinking. However, when I'm on period, you can bet I'll have chocolate soy milk in the fridge. What would I do without that heavenly, hormone-calming goodness? It actually eases cramps and mood swings, and gives me my chocolate fix. And when its ice cold- YUM. Sometimes I drink it in a wine glass when I'm in the tub and feel super fancy...


There's a few sewing projects coming up that I'm excited for. It's been forever since I got to craft and sew (except for some curtains a few weeks ago that I already had supplies for). I think I'm still recovering from's a huge change and I never handle change well. Though I love our house, I've not had much desire to do anything but arrange furniture and clean, clean, clean. I don't know why, but this house never seems clean enough. Perhaps its the hardwood floors.

To be honest, it's been a little lonely. We hardly know anyone in our new ward except a few people...we gave talks two Sundays ago. I wasn't at all nervous, which I later realized was because I didn't care to impress anyone. I was just beyond caring about making a good impression to anyone since it seems like we never get to settle down. Ironically, this time we really are settling down. At least for 4-5 years (which is a long time compared to everywhere else we've lived). I know we will adjust eventually, it's just hard- especially seeing everyone in our old ward in the hallways still (they meet an hour after we do).

Weirdly enough, I am thankful for The Bachelor. Every Monday night, my friends from the old ward meet up and watch it. They've invited me the last few times but I haven't been able to make it. Tonight I will be going, and hopefully won't feel so lonely anymore. I want to stay connected to them, just like I've stayed connected to our friends we made in Rexburg.

Well, I've blabbed enough...good night, all!

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