Saturday, January 18, 2014

Binky-Be-Gone part 5. The last binky!

I apologize for my last few posts having so many pictures. I love to capture every moment :) This adventure of getting rid of T's binkies has been super fun and sad at times, and I want both of those to be remembered. 

Day 5: Today was the last and final day! He just had one more binky left. We ran an errand to Ikea and when he climbed back into his car seat, there was a note from the Binky Fairy. Her instructions were that his last binky would go somewhere special, but it was a surprise :)

I let him hold binky in his hand while we drove. He never put it in his mouth!!! I was so proud!

When we arrived at Build-a-Bear, T's eyes lit up. We have never taken him before..its kind of expensive to visit on a regular basis (but I admit that I've always wanted to take my kid to one!)

He perused the selection for a little while...

 and found a perfectly cuddly red panda.

 When I told him we would be putting binky into the panda, he looked at me like this.


^^^I did let him put the binky in his mouth for a minute while we waited in line. One last time :)

The guy that helped T stuff his bear was super friendly and enthusiastic. It was hilarious to watch them together.

 He put his foot on the magic pedal, and voila! The fluffy stuff stuffed his panda!

fluffy stuff machine

When panda was stuffed, he got a great BIG bear hug...

 a heart... :)

and a heartbeat! And then some other good panda bear voodoo. Then the worker told Talmage to close his eyes and make a wish for his bear. I bet he was wishing that it would magically regurgitate his binky. HA.

Daddy helped him clean it off in the "bath tub".

We registered Binky Panda into the Build-a-Bear files and got a birth certificate. Talmage LOVES it and he continually feels binky in the back of its neck. Now when he's missing binky, he can snuggle his new friend :)

My boy is growing up! Now onto the nasty business of potty-training him completely. I can't hardly wait! heh...

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