Friday, January 17, 2014

Binky-Be-Gone parts 3 & 4

Well, this whole thing is turning out to be much easier than I originally thought it would be. It blows me away how calmly Talmage has handled getting rid of his binkies. I thought for sure he would be traumatized throughout this whole process, which is why I've tried to make it as FUN as possible. He's had his sad moments but, overall, he's being very matter-of-fact about it. He reminds me that binky #1 flew off to a baby in Africa, and that binky #3 will end up far away to a different baby. I am so thankful for his sensibility :)

Day 3: Yesterday afternoon he found this note in his bathroom from the Binky Fairy with instructions.

I helped him tape the binky onto the big rubber duck with duct tape (duct seemed appropriate, ha.) After daddy came home, we all drove downtown to the walking bridge over the Willamette.

He was super happy to be there, at first..

Until I gently reminded what we came to do :(

 With my hand FIRMLY gripped onto T's arm I let him get close enough to the edge so that he could throw the duck into the water. I tried to get a picture of him throwing it but I was too nervous about the height difference between us and the raging river below that I wasn't paying any attention to my camera lens. I am so paranoid!!

The current was strong and as soon as he threw it, we ran to the other side of the bridge to see it floating. My heart sank a little as I watched his smile quickly turn into a frown...he began to grasp that it wasn't coming back.
see the yellow speck? 

 The moment was brief, however, and he turned to me and said:

"That was EXCITING! I'm SO HAPPY!"

 I was shocked. Truly shocked. Who is this grown up man-child and what has he done with my baby boy? :)

We stood there in silence for a few moments and watched the little yellow speck get carried down the river. A few other people on the bridge giggled and watched with us.

Then we snapped a few more pictures to honor the moment :)

I would do anything for these two! Anything.

Day 4:

I should note that being binky-less has had a sever impact on T' sleep pattern. He is done with naps, probably forever, but hoping he'll still take one every now and then. And he doesn't go down for bed quickly or easily. It takes HOURS. It is so draining and Jonathan and I feel like we have absolutely no time to ourselves. I also noticed one of the two remaining binkies on the counter missing earlier today...Talmage reluctantly handed it over after snatching it from under his pillow. The little sneak! I'm still not sure how he will cope after all the binkies are gone.

Anyways, today's binky-be-gone process was pretty simple: DESTROY! I expected T to love it. And he did. He is a boy, after all!

First, I let him cut it up with scissors that normally he *never* gets to touch. I also found a stray binky so he got to destroy TWO. Even better :)

And then, he threw them in a fire. Buy-buy binkies!

all smiles with binky remains at his feet
 Our fire is ghetto, I know. We did it on a metal lid with some "recycle" debris.

I really liked this day. He wasn't sad for a second.

Okay, I know he looks a little sad here...but he was just mesmerized by the fire. His dad gets that way, too...he could stare at a fire for hours. It's the Dennett in him :)

Tomorrow is the final phase! I am SUPER stoked for what's in store :) I told Talmage that he had just one binky left. He held it in his little palms, his bottom lip stuck out a bit, and he sighed heavily.

Little guy is so tender. I know this is hard for him but he's doing great. He has so much faith in the Binky Fairy....haha...

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